Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evaluations and everything

I promised to write something about the mid-term evaluation, but actually I don't have much to say about it.
After my university exams were over I had much more time to work on the project, so the two weeks right before the evaluation were very productive.
I was just going to discuss the upcoming evaluation with the mentors, when I got a message from Markus, informing me, that I'm passing it.

As for the final evaluation, we had a Skype discussion this Monday and decided that the project is mostly finished, and I just have to fix some small bugs (already fixed) and to write documentation.

So, the first version of nomacs hdr capabilities documentation will be published here. It can also considered a short report about my GSoC work.

I'm also going to write a few posts concerning some parts of the code, that may be useful for someone trying to google, why something is not working properly, and a post about my impression of GSoC, including the oficial final evaluation, that will be submitted to Google.

And I'm sorry for not updating this blog  often enough in case someone is reading this, so here is a cool quote from George Martin:
This is for those who complain I never blog about my work. (I do, but not often. I prefer to announce when something is finally done, rather just endless reiterations of "I am working on X, I am working on Z," and I am never going to be one of those "I wrote three pages today" writers. Sorry, that's not how I roll).

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