Monday, August 20, 2012

GSoC 2012 impressions

GSoC was a great experience and I sure want to participate another time next year (I have a few ideas about that).
I found out, that opensource programming is a great thing, and it's not so difficult to start working on the project you like.
I've learned lots of new things about image processing (especially hdr imaging) and new tools like cmake and opencv.
Also, I noticed, that my coding style has changed. The latter code is more clear and has much less unclear pointer manipulations, and now I'm used to K&R indent style.

I want to thank my mentors, Markus and Stefan. They did a great job consulting me and testing my code.
By the way, having two mentors is very cool, because you get two know both of them, and two people have more knowledge and respond faster, than one.

I'm going to continue working on nomacs after the program ends. First of all, helping to prepare it to the first stable release, separating HDR support into a few dynamic modules to make it easier to distribute nomacs and making some improvements in HDR processing.

Here's my official final evaluation that will be submitted to Google:

    Considering your original project plan, how close would you say you are to having met all the goals you    originally outlined?
        Completed somewhat close to the project plan, made some changes over the course of the program
    Have your communications with your mentor and/or organization changed since the midterm evaluations?
        We communicate more often
    How would you rate your experience with the program overall?
        Very good

    How much time have you spent working on your project since the midterm evaluations?
        35-40 hours per week
    Since the midterm evaluation, how would you describe the amount of time you’ve spent on the project?
        I’ve spent more time on the project than before the midterm evaluation

    Are you alright with being contacted by members of the press or our PR department and/or speaking externally about your participation in Google Summer of Code this year?

    Please briefly describe your project.
        High dynamic range imaging support for nomacs image viewer.
        This includes merging multiple photographs of the same scene taken with different exposure values into a single HDR or LDR (low dynamic range) image and converting HDR images to LDR images using different tone mapping approaches.
    What has been the most challenging and/or rewarding part of participating in Google Summer of Code?
        Challenging - my terrible timetable. Rewarding - all the moments when it finally works.
    What one thing could your mentor or mentoring organization do differently or better for future students in future years?
        Send a project t-shirt like Minix does?
    Do you have any interesting or colorful experiences or takeaways you’d like to share?
        Passing exams while working on GSoC project was some colourful experience.
    What’s your best story about this summer’s work?
        Just when I was going to remove the camera calibration algorithm it suddenly started working with almost no changes.
    What one thing did your mentor or mentoring organization do that you consider very helpful for your project and would suggest they continue to do?
        Testing my code and making sure it works on other OS.
    What advice would you give to students participating in Google Summer of Code in the future?
        Don't be afraid to apply.
    Anything else you’d like to tell us?  Any interesting road blocks that you didn’t anticipate? Thunder? Lightning? Tornado? Bakery mishap?
        Bakery mishap: I was making pancakes about a few days ago and that's kind of like programming: requires lots of patching and so on.
    What country or region are you from?

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