Monday, June 25, 2012

Community bonding period and coding start

After the project was accepted, there were a few gsoc-related things I had to do before the coding phase.
That's what community bonding period is for.
Thanks to the quaification task, everything was set up to start coding, and I only had to deal with svn.
I've got acquainted with all nomacs mentors (there are two of them for each project) and another gsoc student, working on nomacs. We are communicating via e-mail and Skype.
Also, I was asked to set up this blog and to provide Google some official information.

The first iteration of the coding phase is completed, now I'm working on the second one. Unfortunately, I have exam session in June, so I'm not exactly following the timeline, but I should catch up with it by the mid-term evaluation.

I think, the next post will be about mid-term evaluation and my results at this milestone.

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