Saturday, May 5, 2012

Applying for GSoC

When Google Summer of Code 2012 started, I had some project ideas in mind, but finally gave them up.
So I just looked through the list of accepted organizations, found those, that fitted me and started thinking about the project.
I didn't want to apply for a project from ideas list, because that's less interesting and more competitive, that thinking up your own idea.
At the Advanced Computer Graphics course I was told about high dynamic range images and thought that rendering and displaying them would be a good feature for nomacs image viewer and a project big enough and interesting enough for "coding the summer away".
After that I completed the qualification task (simple processing of RAW images for nomacs) and wrote the application.
Here it is:

I think that's all about the application process, let me know, if you'd like to get some additional information.
In this blog I will be writing short reports about my work during Summer of Code, the next post will be about the community bonding period.

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